When Michelle asked me to come to Vancouver for her and Mikes engagement session I literally squealed! Thankfully she asked me over email so I didn’t embarrass myself before we had even met…

Michelle and Mike met in Edmonton at the university, and like most couples there is a very different story of how they came to be together, but I have to admit that Mikes version of Michelle being a seductive assistant is quite entertaining! Either way, they ended up moving back to Mikes home town, the little village of Vancouver, and found an adorable apartment in Granville Island.

The vision these two had for their engagement session was to walk through Stanley Park to the place that Mike had proposed to Michelle (awe!) – and then head to Granville island to explore the place where they started their life together. So that’s what we did, which is why I have to break this blog into two parts! Stay tuned for part two – but until then enjoy part one!



Michelle & Mike – THANK YOU so much for being such great hosts, John and I had an absolute blast spending the weekend touring around Vancouver with you! Until next time….XO

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