So you have an adorable creature roaming your house that you treat better than you treat yourself, I can relate!

These two girls are Ms.Virginia Woof, and Ms. Rosa Barks.

Virginia, or ‘V’ as we call her is quite a lazy little wiener dog (mixed with who knows what else), so she is quite easy to capture if you want photos of her sleeping, yawning, or generally being lethargic. Rosa, or ‘Rosie’ on the other hand is a wild child mini pinscher who doesn’t sit still (she basically has no use for humans and only sticks around because we feed her), she is much harder to capture for this reason, but treats do help, unless there is of course a squirrel, bird, or any other creature around to distract her.

The best advice that I can give for capturing your best pet photo is to become their size, or rather get down to their level. Now, if you have a great Dane I am jealous because for me to do this I have to literally lie on the ground, which is exactly what I did this morning to capture these images.

These photos are fresh off my memory card, no editing what so ever, just to show you that the power of perspective is all you need to catch a great image of your beloved pet!




Have a pet photo or tip you want to share? Please do so below!


Happy shooting!


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