High school sweethearts.

What better way to celebrate ten years of being together than heading to Canmore for a day full of adventure! This man planned what might be THE most romantic day I have ever heard of. It all started near a glacial lake, where he re-proposed to her, then took her for a helicopter tour, a hiking/water tour, a photo session with me, dinner reservations at a secret location, and an amazing evening in a hotel that was also a secret so I don’t even know where they ended up!!! Swoon times a million!

We went on a bit of an adventure, I know Canmore fairly well and this spot is where I go when I need some peace and quiet – I have never taken clients there before but I just knew these two deserved to experience it with me.

The amount of laughter that was had during this session was my favourite part – these two do not take themselves too seriously and they clearly are over the moon in love.

I cannot wait for their wedding in Canmore next year, it is going to be so much fun, congratulations again you two!


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