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I am a professional photographer. I operate out of my studio in downtown Edmonton and Canmore, and also shoot on location.

I’m established but not stuffy, I apprenticed for years but wasn’t slave to my teacher’s style, I’m published but not stuck up, I have a beautiful studio but love most to be shooting in nature, I’m insured but still keep things light and playful, I have a fantastic assistant but still carry my own gear from time to time, I shoot Canon but think Nikon is cool too.

I honestly believe it is important to hire a professional to capture the images that tell your life’s story, but I think that hiring a professional doesn’t mean you have to get a prude…

My story

I always had an artistic side. I painted, I danced, I made music – then I picked up a camera and it just felt so right. At first I just liked taking pictures but slowly, surely started photographing people.

Photos, as an art form and a product, are powerful statements because they can capture a single moment, in isolation, without context, just the honesty of that one moment. A tiny moment – a certain look, a wink, a laugh, a tear can be forgotten in an instant, it can get lost in a video, but it can be remembered forever in a photo. It is this real, candid, honest side of photography that i fell in love with and that continues to define my style.

I spent years studying under two incredible photographers in Saskatchewan and Alberta and for the past 5 years I have been working full-time delivering beautiful images to couples, individuals and businesses across western Canada.

I am based out of my studio in downtown Edmonton and Canmore depending on the week – but I always have a suitcase packed for neat places with great people!

I ended up being lucky enough to do this for a living but I still see the art in my work. You are my client not a pay check and your images are my art not a widget to be processed as cheaply as possible. I guarantee you that I will be the person you first meet when we get to know each other, I will be taking your images, I will spend hours processing and retouching each of your images by hand right here in Edmonton, and, you guessed it, it will be me that sits down to present you with the finished product – your images, my art.

Kristin Zabos


Let’s have coffee! I would love to hear about the big day, small event, or project you’re currently working on. I will send you a quote for the work, and then we will have a great time making your images together. I will personally hand edit your images, and then upload them into an online gallery where you can ooh and aah at the beautiful images we created together.

Hiring me for your wedding? Plan on coming back to the studio after the big day for your photo reveal! We watch a slide show from the big day, drink some bubbly, and laugh about uncle bobs bad dance moves.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

I think the greatest compliments I have gotten have been from some of my grooms (a notoriously camera-friendly lot) – when a groom tells me he’s feeling comfortable and even having fun in front of the camera I know I’m right where I want to be!

Want to work with me? 

Happy Clients

“After our engagement session, we were on cloud nine. Somehow, you helped us become closer together on film! Laughing at each other’s bad jokes, whispering in one another’s ear, and holding hands walking slow allowed us to take in all of the moments you were capturing. You helped us enjoy our life together and to make happy memories that we could keep forever. You encouraged us to take in the setting and to relax. It was amazing.”
– Alisha


“My favourite part about working with you was when we met you asked me what kind of photos I liked and listened. You knew I loved the mountains, and as soon as the opportunity came up you asked my Matt and I to join you there. Not only did you listen to what we asked for, but you made it happen! Matt and I felt very comfortable working with you, it’s like we were running around doing stuff with a friend.”
– Meaghan

“Kristin has been a very important part of my life for many years now. Not only is she an amazing and kind person she is also incredibly talented, blessed with the ability to bring out the beauty in every person and place she sees. I have loved having her shoot for me both personal and professionally. She makes me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, and never fails to make me feel beautiful and relaxed all the while capturing the best photos of me! I always have fun with her and I have been so blessed to be able to have her with me. I can’t wait for next time already!”
– Kristy Junek

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